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Free Dance Fitting Night

Understanding how our MFC items fit everyone from Beginner to Open level is an important part of our service. As such we provide a free fitting night where one of our expert fitters will travel to your class with a selection of items for dancers to try on. This allows everyone in your school to select the sizes that fit them best and feel content that their order is the right one for them.

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Trusted by 100s of clubs worldwide

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    Irish Dancing Tracksuit

    Your dance tracksuits are a statement about who you are and what you represent as a school. After all the hardwork in the studio it’s important to look good & feel good when travelling to dance class or competition. Stand out together with MFC.


    Irish Dancing Tracksuit Design

    We provide a unique set of designs within our dancing range. We’ve based our designs around the 4 elements – FIRE, WATER, EARTH & AIR. This has allowed us to create designs suited to each individual dance school. All 20 of our designs are available in every colour. Once you send us an idea of your dance colours and dance crest we work with you to create a design that embodies your school’s tradition and ambition.